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Telegram Windows CLI

I’ve been looking for a cross platform messaging solution that has an open API so that I can integrate this into IntelliAlert. This should save me a few pennies when I need to send SMS messages to multiple users to alert them of issues.

This would also be handy for group chats, I often want to inform multiple users of an event and allow them to discuss it between themselves.

I decided on Telegram, it has an API and it has pre-written C# dlls ( for this API.
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Push Notifications from Outlook to iPhone

I work at a company that uses Good to allow me to see my exchange email and check them when I’m out of the office or away from my keyboard, this is great and I like the flexibility of not being tied to my desk in order to know if anything important has come up.

It would be great if I could get the same functionality with my personal Outlook accounts. I have a mixture of IMAP and Exchange accounts on my personal Outlook and would love to be notified when I receive a new message (I have these accounts set up on my iPhone but since they are not push accounts I have to wait an agonising 15 minutes before I get the emails through). A cheeky little push notification would do just nicely.
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