Downloading YouTube Videos

I do like to download a YouTube video as much as the next person. In the past I have used websites that allow you to do this. Just paste in the YouTube URL and the website does the rest for you. This is great for the average consumer, but I’m a coder and love a home made solution.

Well this is a homemade-ish solution, I’m still using a third party executable (youtube-dl) but I’m using my own task scheduler to kick off the process.

I’ve set up an IntelliAlert to do this, which runs the following command.

cd "$RootDirectory"
youtube-dl --format mp4 $video_url

The $RootDirectory variable is the path of youtube-dl and $video_url is the YouTube URL. All I have to do is update the $video_url variable and start the job. A few seconds later, the YouTube video is downloaded and ready for me to do with whatever I please.

God I love coding.

So, what do you think ?