Telegram Windows CLI

I’ve been looking for a cross platform messaging solution that has an open API so that I can integrate this into IntelliAlert. This should save me a few pennies when I need to send SMS messages to multiple users to alert them of issues.

This would also be handy for group chats, I often want to inform multiple users of an event and allow them to discuss it between themselves.

I decided on Telegram, it has an API and it has pre-written C# dlls ( for this API.
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Push Notifications from Outlook to iPhone

I work at a company that uses Good to allow me to see my exchange email and check them when I’m out of the office or away from my keyboard, this is great and I like the flexibility of not being tied to my desk in order to know if anything important has come up.

It would be great if I could get the same functionality with my personal Outlook accounts. I have a mixture of IMAP and Exchange accounts on my personal Outlook and would love to be notified when I receive a new message (I have these accounts set up on my iPhone but since they are not push accounts I have to wait an agonising 15 minutes before I get the emails through). A cheeky little push notification would do just nicely.
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Downloading YouTube Videos

I do like to download a YouTube video as much as the next person. In the past I have used websites that allow you to do this. Just paste in the YouTube URL and the website does the rest for you. This is great for the average consumer, but I’m a coder and love a home made solution.
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Welcome to Word Overflow

Welcome to Word Overflow. This is my blog! Cool no? There’s a lot I need to share, just need to get the words out of my head and onto the Internet for all to marvel at.
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